The Real Cost of Irish Economic Crisis


An infographic highlighting some of the shocking statistics being reported on suicide in Ireland today. It is an issue that is getting progressively worse particularly in young males, and is a topic that needs to be openly discussed to create awareness in communities. (

Suicide in Ireland

by Heather Griffin.
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Are Business Plans Really Dead?


This is really practical advice…..

Dorf on Startups

Traveling the globe preaching the death of business plans, I was stopped for the umpteenth time by a very bright entrepreneur saying yet again, “but will investors give you money without a business plan?”  The two-part answer: (a) some money, sometimes; and (b) avoid investors as long as you can.In the euphoric bubble period that was the late 90’s, when investors were throwing money at startups like drunks at a casino, business plans were required and the smartest entrepreneurs were cranking them out in a few days and grabbing the cash.  That euphoric period was so crazy that got funded (in fact I think I wrote a check).  Those days are absolutely GONE.

Today’s investors don’t want to hear this pitch any more:

  • we have a great team
  • we are chasing a $billion market
  • if we only get 2% of it, boy are we gonna be rich

Today, investors…

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